With a bell you can be heard in traffic. This makes you safer on your bike and makes traffic safer for other road users. Not only handy on a city bike or e-bike, also on your racing bike or mountain bike an indispensable item. A bicycle bell saves you from shouting and many angry looks, and we have bells that are small and hardly noticeable. But if you cycle through noisier areas, we recommend a bell that produces a higher number of decibels. With that, they will really hear you coming.


Bicycle mirrors are becoming increasingly important for your safety on the bike. The increasing speed on the cycle path by e-bikes and speed pedelecs means that there is no time to look back. You ensure more safety on the bicycle by mounting a bicycle mirror that allows you to see oncoming traffic at an earlier stage. It is very easy to attach to any handlebar and is a real lifesaver in the busy city traffic.