The choice of shapes, materials and mounting system for the MAX1 brake pads is so wide that every cyclist will find exactly what he is looking for. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of your brakes after exchanging for new material.
Our brake pads are made of the highest quality materials. Each model has a clear definition and compatibility.

Basic division of brake pads:

  • Mounting on the so-called shaft - the pad is equipped with a shaft without a thread (metal body of the pad)
  • Mounting on an Allen nut - there is a thread on the body of the pad, on which a special nut is screwed onto an Allen key (HEX)

You can usually recognize mountain bike pads as being longer with a larger braking area. Road bike pads, on the other hand, are smaller and shorter. Pads variants are produced in the classic version - the brake mixture is a part of the pad body (after consuming the brake mixture the shoes change whole) or in an exchangeable variant (the brake mixture is separated from the pad body, only the "filling" changes after receipt).