Brzdové destičky MAX1

Accurate dosing of braking force is the key to cycling safety not only in difficult terrain. A good choice of brake pads will also be verified by a long descent on paved roads.
The following applies to all MAX1 brake pads: optimum performance due to brake compound material and ideal position due to machining accuracy.

Our brake pads are produced in 3 different compounds:

  1. Organic compound - a compound designed for classic bicycles under normal load, without metal admixture
  2. E-Bike compound - a compound with a higher admixture of metal in the brake part of the pad, designed for use on e-bikes as well as off-road bicycles
  3. Sintered compound - brake material with the highest metal admixture, designed for difficult conditions at maximum load (here it is necessary to pay attention to compatibility with the disc)